About Us

This menu is a newer menu on the block leading to less detection risk, better support/staff, and all around satisfaction. I do my best to come out with all the new features and updates to make this mod menu worth your money by providing frequent updates and our great support!

Awesome Support Team

No matter how big or small the issue is, our support team will always be available to assist you!

Online Support

Join our Discord server here and receive support via the dedicated support channels.

24/7 Support

Just leave a message and our staff team will get notified immediately.

Unlimited Support

We will never charge you for support or limit you to the amount of times you can ask us for help.

Caring Community

If none of our staff members are online to help you, there will surely be someone from the community willing to help out.

Head Developer

The guy who works day and night to add features and makes sure the menu is safe to use.

I’m an experienced developer and my work mainly consists of coding in C++.


Donate To Me!

Head of Support

Our head of support has been with us since day one helping everyone that has issues along with helping us with problems with communication make sure you tell 6IX or (daustin) thank you and be sure to donate to him as he does not get paid for helping.

Coming Soon!

Donate To Me!

What Our Users Say

Take their word for it, not ours! Mod menus rarely provide testimonials from real users, leaving you to wonder if it’s safe or not. T3ZZ3R3T Menu takes that fear away!

“I bought T3ZZ3R3T not knowing what to expect but was surprised with the capabilities the menu has, by far has way more to offer than the other menus I have tried. Still haven’t been banned after 3 updates of gta with this menu!


“Ok well T3ZZ3R3T’s Menu is the best menu i have used not only because i never got banned using it, but the the menu itself is extremely easy to use and the staff goes out of their way to help you and they are very dedicated to helping people so i would recomend this menu to anyone”


“I have many options with T3ZZ3R3T Menu and the design is very good but there is a ban risk though i would recommend the menu” *

*Spelling and grammatical errors were edited, however the testimonial is the same overall



” T3ZZ3R3T’s Menu is by far the best out there so far. I have used multiple different menus and they get me banned within days. I have used this menu for 3 weeks everyday, abusing every option possible…..yet I have no ban. I would rate it 9/10 as it has some options that most people want, however T3 is working really hard to get the options we have suggested. When the updates come out with these options, it will be the best there ever has been.”